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Sending files and memory cards

You can upload your corrupt JPG files or your memory card directly to our upload server. Using this direct upload gives you the advantage that you don`t have to send in a data carrier via postal way. If you still have the original data carrier, please don´t write new data on your memory card or use it in any other way (Even the repeated try to read out a damaged memory card could damage the card further).

Please note that there are better chances of success in restoring images in the case that we get from you the original memory card (i.e. the memory card on which the failure first appeared). When you send us photo files copied from the original data carrier, you send us the 'failure with these files'. If we get the original data carrier (e.g. a SD card), we can better examine the JPG files with our software.

Option 1: Upload using website (Files only, maximum 30 MB)

Upload your corrupt photo files directly on this website using your Trial or Client Number:

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Upload website:

Using the button above, you can get access to the upload website.

Option 2: Upload using client application (Files and memory cards)

You can upload your broken photo files and your data carrier with our client application VG JPEG Repair Online to our upload server. Once downloaded the software you can transmit the complete file/card data to our VG JPEG Recovery Server (see Product). The client application can be used for both, Trial and Client Number.

Download VG JPEG-Repair Online
(MS Windows 32 & 64 Bit)

VG JPEG-Repair Online needs administrative priviliges during install. The software is written for the Runtime Environment .NET Framework 2.0. If you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, this Runtime Environment already should be installed.


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