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For website owners, we still offer a free-of-cost Trial Number with unlimited upload. All we kindly ask for is a thematic brief test to Please just contact us via

Thank you.

From 2008 until 2012 we offered a trial access for our product (see Product) completely free. This is not possible any more. Over the years, the request amount grow up in such a way that we needed to extend our bandwidth and server capacities several times. Each day plenty of users used our recovery server, obviously without being interested in buying our service, even if recovery was possible. Due to this massive server abuse we were forced to abolish the trial access to our product.

Solution - No Risc

Our specialized JPEG image recovery service is unique in the world wide web. On the one hand, examining damaged JPEG files is a computationally very intensive process. On the other hand we want to offer all customers an easy way to get their images checked by a professional JPEG repair service. To avoid server abuse we use the following process:

  • Via Online Application or our via client application VG JPEG-Repair, we offer a free trial upload option.
  • You can upload 1000MB / 24 h, so you are able to proove a couple of images totally free.
  • For uploads of up to 32 GB and complete data carriers, we offer a new, low priced recovery credit package for 9.95 Euro: Purchase
    • You have full access to our product, 10 recovery credits are included.
    • If recovery is not possible at all, you get the complete charge back.
    • In addition you get individual e-Mail support provided by our JPEG experts. If you have any questions or some recovery results are ambiguous, one of our employees performs a manual file examination, if desired. If a recovery is not possible at all, of course you get your money back even if you have asked for a manual file examination.
You can purchase recovery credits at Purchase.

When the charge is returned?

  • If you have not used any of the 10 recovery credits.
  • If no of your examined images can be recovered in any resolution.
  • If the Trial period of seven days has not expired.

This is an easy an effective way to avoid server abuse.

My images cannot be repaired

Our product is the result of united work of our software developers and our JPEG experts and subject to continuous improvement. It is unique in the world wide web. If your files could not be repaired, they definitely contain no image information any more. In this case, we can't help you further, unfortunately. Please contact us using the following E-Mail address and let us know your Client Number.

Please refund


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I have several JPG images from a wedding that are corrupted, perhaps they have a missing header information. I cannot open them in any software.
I recovered photos from quick formatted hard drive but can't view them. Some of the do open with resolution 160x120 instead of the original 2560x1920.