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  • Have you made use of our services?
  • Have we successful restored some of your broken photo files?
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Criticism, either positive or negative: Every feedback will be welcome.


Texas, USA
Thank you! I was able to get usable images from former garbaged out jpg files that were to be used for a court case. It saved us from having to fly back down and take additional pictures. Thanks again!

Alexander Woerner
The image that was recovered is like the original. I suspect, that only a header information was missing due to a corrupt CD.
Thanks for the good service.

california, USA
VG recovered two pictures taken in a relative's wedding. The site was easy to use, the price was fair. From what I can surmise, the approach to the problem is very smart. Before coming to VG, I had used another service. The other service tried hard but they weren't smart, they were more expensive, and didn't get the job done. VG is very good. I am very pleased.

Landerstad Jes
Great Job Guys !smile

gjevi elee
nothing to specify!