JPEG images with damaged colors


If your JPEG image file shows invalid colors than this is a hint that the byte stream of you file is damaged at several positions. That is to say your file has some memory errors within its data stream. These issues lead to wrong and erroneous image colors for the whole image file. For each memory fault a new color appears on the JPG image. You can learn more about this type of error at: JPEG errors

Are your JPG picture colors damaged this way and you wonder whether you can recover your image files? The answer is: Yes.

Based on our 12 year experience in JPEG image recovery, we offer a client application for manual recovery of JPEG color errors.


JPEG Damaged Color
Damaged Colors
JPEG Color Recovery
After Recovery

Where can I find this application?

Repairing JPEG Color errors is done in four easy steps:

  1. Create Client Number
  2. Upload damaged files to VG JPEG-Recovery Server
  3. Prepare Images for color recovery (select in Web application)
  4. Manually repair color errors with VG JPEG-Repair Online.

Application Help

A detailed application help will be provided soon at this place.

JPEG files are encoded in small blocks, called "MCU" (Minimum Coding Unit). All file operations are performed based on the MCU and not based on pixels.

VG JPEG-Repair Online - MCU Editor works with command keys. That is to say you just will work with keys instead of menus that are controlled with your mouse. Beside a lot of display, file, MCU copy and paste operations, you have two main operations for color recovery:

  • Remove color border (recommended, use this, if top part of image has correct colors):
    1. Perform MCU copy and paste operations in order to get a correct motive adjustment
    2. Select first damaged MCU (Blue selection, One MCU)
    3. Select MCU area that contains the color border (Yellow selection, square)
    4. Select MCU that is in line of color border (Green selection)
    5. Press Key "f"
    6. Optional, manually correct color adjustment via button up / down
    7. Press Enter
  • Automatic color normalization (not recommended, use only, if image starts with damaged colors):
    1. Select MCU range that should be normalized (Blue Selection, Multiple MCUs)
    2. Press Key "m"

What can be repaired?

All file parts that still contain a visible area of the image motive can be repaired. I.e. all image parts that are displayed with wrong colors, can be recovered. Faulty positioning and shifting of image parts can be repaired, too.
In general, all image regions that still consist (and are in wrong color or location) can be recovered.


Image Color Error
Damaged Colors
Image Color Ok
Recovery is possible
Image Shifting Error
Faulty positioning
JPG Shifting Error
Recovery is possible

What cannot be repaired?

Parts that do no more contain any visible part of the image can't be reconstructed because for these areas the according memory bytes of the JPEG image file are completely destroyed. But such parts usually are very small, fortunately. If we repair your photo, we will replace such irreparable parts with other parts duplicated from somewhere in the image. So these parts will no more be conspicuous.
If your images miss complete regions of the picture, a recovery of these areas is not possible at all. Please consider that once the image parts are lost due a memory error, they are gone forever.


JPG Image Noise
Destroyed memory areas - Recovery not possible
JPG Image Empty Gray Area
Missing image regions - Recovery not possible


Please have a look at some examples for JPEG image color recovery:

Picture Error Color
Picture Faulty Colort
Image Defect Color
Picture Defect Color
Image color shifted
JPG color shifted
JPEG Color lines
Prior Recovery
Image Color lines
After Recovery


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